“Hands on with Horses” is a fun activity aimed at giving children hands-on experience with horses while teaching them the basics of good horsemanship.

Please contact us at 610.892.7260 for more information.

• Learn basic body language and parts of the horse
• Become familiar with handling and grooming a horse
• Learn the parts of the saddle, bridle, and grooming tools
• Assist in the tack-up of your pony and leading him to the ring
• The basics of riding (holding the reins, position in the saddle, etc.)
• Individual riding time under the guidance of our staff
• Each child will receive a special certificate upon completion of our program!

• A reservation is required. Please call 610-892-7260 to schedule your session
• The program is 2-3 hours long
• One pony/horse will be assigned for every 3/4 participants
• You will have the use of our party room, furnished with tables, chairs, a kitchenette, refrigerator, and freezer. Please bring your own refreshments.
•We will provide staff to assist the children and answer any questions they may have
• There is a maximum of 16 children. Please contact us if you have more than 16 children who wish to participate and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.
Each child must bring with them a SIGNED RELEASE FORM. Without it, the child will not be permitted to participate.

• Group of 7-9 children – $60 per child 
• Group of 10 -16 chilldren – $50 per child